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Our Approach

At MCN Investment Management, we consider each client’s risk tolerance and then focus on strategies that manage volatility and aim to limit significant drawdowns. Our experience, objective advice, and expertise means you can trust us to help you plot your financial journey.





What Makes Us Different?

We have accepted reality.  Over the past few decades, the changing economic climate has compelled investors to reconsider financial strategies that had been relied upon for a “traditional retirement.” The previous standard of comfortably relying on a guaranteed retirement pension, unrestricted Social Security, and inexpensive health insurance is becoming more infrequent.  Retirees are living longer, in many instances well into their late 80s and 90s, but long life has increased the need to protect retirement funds and to not outlive your savings.

MCN Investment Management founder Michael Nummer has 25 years of experience guiding clients through an increasingly complex financial environment.  We can help you plan for and implement a retirement strategy that will give you the confidence that you desire for the years ahead.




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